Joey Yung recently admitted that she became a victim of theft while she was on tour in the US and Canada.

As reported on Singtao, the singer, who shared the experience recently, stated that she and her team were having a meal at a place near the airport as they awaited their flight when the incident occurred.

“When we came back, we found out that the window of the car that picked us up and where I was sitting had been smashed, and my handbag was stolen,” she said.

Joey stated that the driver was actually in the car at the time, and was able to stop the thief from stealing more than the said handbag.

“It was a new bag. It was given by a good friend. It had my ID and some cash in it. Fortunately, I had my passport with me, so I can still return to Hong Kong even without my ID. Otherwise, it would have been miserable,” she said.

Joey stated that after her said friend found out about the incident, they immediately sent her a new handbag.

“I was really touched. But at least everyone is safe. But, when we were in Paris going to London, we became quite nervous about our luggage during the train trip,” she added.

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Joey hung out with Charlene Choi in London
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The singer also had a fun time in Paris

(Photo Source: Joey Yung IG)