Jay Chou enjoyed performing for his fans in Australia so much that he doesn’t care that he is fined for it.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer recently held his Carnival World Tour in Sydney, Australia, and was supposed to end it on time until audiences shouted for an encore.

He then returned to the stage and continued performing, which ended up going over the time limit and getting fined by the authority.

Speaking about the fine on Instagram Story, the singer expressed, “It doesn’t matter if you fine me, as long as the fans are happy. What I was afraid of was the power would be cut in the middle of the song!”

He also thanked his Australian fans for the great reception saying, “I hope you all enjoy listening. Be careful when you go home. See you next time.”

The experience was different than when he held the concert in Singapore back in December, when unhappy fans blasted the singer on social media over too many guest performances, lengthy magic shows and bad audio.

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Jay received tremendous response from Australian fans

(Photo Source: Jay Chou IG)