Jackie Chan recently admitted that he couldn’t resist revisiting his old franchise, which is why he is set to produce the sequel to his 2004 movie, “New Police Story”, which is also a reboot of his popular franchise, “Police Story”.

The action star, who appeared at FILMART to talk about the upcoming project, stated that the original film, which was released in 1985, had the best action scenes he has ever shot in his career.

“I put a lot and a lot of effort in this movie back then, and it was a series loved by global fans. But most importantly, Nicolas Tse is the director this time, this attracted me to the project,” he said.

The upcoming movie will be produced by Emperor Motion Pictures (EMP), which also produced the 2004 reboot. The said movie stars Jackie as Chief Inspector Chan Kwok Wing, who reopens a case after a year-long break following the loss of his entire squad.

The movie also starred Nicholas Tse, who is now directing the sequel.

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Nicolas Tse to direct the upcoming Jackie Chan movie

(Photo Source: Far East Films, Mingpao)