Netizens got excited for all the upcoming interaction between Li Chen and singer Fan Chengcheng after it was revealed that the latter is now a new member of the actor’s variety show, “Keep Running”.

On 22 March, the official Weibo account of the Chinese version of “Running Man” announced the lineup for the 11th season, which sees the return of Li, Zheng Kai, Yi Sha, Bai Lu, Zhou Shen, Song Yuqi and Angelababy. 

However, it was then revealed that the NEXT member, who had participated in the show in the past, will also be joining the show as a member this season.

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Fan Chengcheng joins the new season of ‘Keep Running’

It is noted that Fan Chengcheng is the younger brother of actress Fan Bingbing, who previously dated and subsequently got engaged to Li Chen in 2017. However, following the actress’ tax evasion scandal in 2018, the two announced their breakup in June the next year.

Netizens took to the comments to express their curiosity as to how Li would be working with Fan Bingbing’s brother, with one saying, “Maybe despite breaking up with the sister, he can still be a big brother to her brother.”

In a past interview following their breakup, Fan Bingbing admitted that she was sorry of the implications that her case had on him, as Li was also slandered and his work impacted by the tax evasion scandal. Fan Bingbing stated that the only way to solve that was to keep him away from her.

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Li Chen was supposed to marry Fan Bingbing in the past

(Photo Source: ZTV Running Man WeiboChina PressKwong Wah)