Dilraba Dilmurat recently opened up about the ongoing rumours that she is pregnant with her first child, saying that she has now found it funny.

As reported on Net Ease, the actress recently responded to the rumour in an interview, saying that such a thing is a common phenomenon, and not isolated to her alone.

“For a woman, whether she is unmarried and has no children, married and has children, or married and does not have children… these are all personal choices,” she said. “If you can get out of this frame of thinking when discussing women, this can be considered a small progress.”

Dilraba stated that she was angry at first when she saw rumours of her pregnancy, but that it gradually became funny to her.

“Even if I broadcast live to clarify with every one every day, people who do not believe me will still find excuses for not believing,” she said.

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Dilraba was also rumoured to be pregnant with Johnny Huang’s baby

(Photo Source: Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo)