The rep of singer Cai Xukun (aka KUN) has recently apologised following allegations of plagiarism over the image he used to promote his online concert.

As reported on Sohu, the issue sparked in late February, when an artiste by the name of Stuz0r took to Twitter to compare his own work with the image that the singer used to promote his concert, and posted, “I don’t know who Cai Xukun is, but please don’t be like that.”

After the tweet went viral, KUN’s agency issued a statement saying that they have always respected originality and intellectual property rights, and that they have urged the post-production team to handle the copyright issue as soon as possible.

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The top one is the original work and below is the one that is used to promote KUN’s online concert

“Here, I sincerely apologise to the original creator, collectors and all fans and friends. At present, the rights protection procedure has been launched, and the responsible party, Jingzhi Media, will be seriously held accountable!”

Stuz0r himself has also addressed the issue, saying that the blame should be directed to Beijing Jingzhi Media and not KUN himself.

“We are currently in talks and resolving the problem,” he added.

It is noted that this is not the first time KUN was accused of plagiarism. In 2021, his team was accused of plagiarising the work of French artist Tom Fabia upon releasing the official poster for his online concert. In 2022, he again was slammed for having the cover of his new song “Hug Me” copying the poster of Woody Allen’s film “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”.

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The singer was accused of copying Woody Allen’s film poster

(Photo Source: KUN IG, Stuz0r Twitter, Xinmin)