Beijing Women’s Federation recently stated that they have yet to receive any reports regarding a netizen’s allegation that she was abused by Wu Xiubo’s son Wu Han.

As reported on Sina, on 28 February, a Weibo user called “iris_43kg” alleged that she had been repeatedly abused by the younger Wu since they started dating last year.

The netizen stated that the two met in January 2022 and that she never knew that Wu was the son of a renowned actor. She stated that she expected it to be the start of a wonderful relationship, but that it quickly turned into a nightmare.

She claimed that on 20 May 2022, Wu slapped her and told her that a disobedient woman has to be punished following an argument. Though he later apologised, she said that they had a similar situation again a month later when she found him to be flirting with a different woman.

She also alleged that Wu kept threatening her even after their breakup, saying that he would seek revenge from his family. She added that she decided to expose Wu for who he is so to warn other women not to be swayed by sweet words and to recognise the true face of domestic violence.

A reporter had since contacted the Beijing Women’s Federation to ask if they will take any action against Wu, but the staff said that they have yet to receive any information about this matter, and that it will immediately intervene and notify the public as soon as possible as soon as a request is made.

Netizens who saw the post couldn’t help but think “like father, like son”, as they were reminded of the abuse allegation against the older Wu by actress Ruby Chen back in 2019, who claimed that the actor mentally abused her throughout their time together.

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Wu Han is the son of Wu Xiubo

(Photo Source: SINA, Singtao)