Bowie Tsang recently revealed that there was a time when dad Eric Tsang was very opposed to her joining showbiz.

As reported on HK01, the TV personality, who co-hosts PTV’s “Music Viva Viva” alongside Lulu Huang, recently had Taiwanese singer Linda Lee as the guest.

Linda spoke about her struggles throughout her singing career, and expressed her concern about daughter Chanel joining showbiz, prompting Bowie to share her own experience with her actor-producer father.

Said Bowie, “My father was very opposed of me entering this industry. He knows very well how hard it is. Behind all the glamour, it takes a lot of effort than you can imagine.”

She added that Eric once told her that the entertainment industry is the only industry where one sees themselves going downhill.

“In other industries, you see yourself rising up slowly all the way before you retire. But no matter how popular you are in showbiz, you will always look at yourself one day and be like, see ya!” she added.

To that, Linda agreed, saying that she felt the same way.

“I really don’t want my daughter to go into this business. But if she wants to, I can only support and bless her,” she added.

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Bowie and Lulu interviewed Linda Lee

(Photo Source: SCMP, Music Viva Viva IG)