Belle Mariano has been named one of MEGA’s “Women to Watch” this year, hailed by the magazine as the new Gen Z Queen.

The actress, who joins others like model Casey Merritt, athlete Bethany Talbot and volunteer educator Mandy Romero in the list of women who challenged and made changes in their respective fields, revealed in the interview that she wants to use her platform to spread positivity and make a difference in the world.

“I think our generation is really special because we’re so connected. We have the power to make change happen, and I think that’s really exciting,” she said. “I want to be someone who inspires others to be their best selves. I think that’s what’s so important about being in the public eye – you have the power to make a difference, and I want to use that power for good.”

Sharing her passion in mental health awareness, Belle stated, “I think it’s so important to talk about mental health and to break the stigma around it. We all go through tough times, and it’s okay to ask for help… I just want to encourage everyone to be kind to themselves and to each other,” she said.

Other names in the list are Anji Salvacion, Amanda Zamora, Bianca Umali, Siobhan Moylan, Bianca Bustamante and Bea Elizalde.

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The actress stresses the importance on breaking stigma on mental health issues