Anson Lo has dismissed the notion that he was trying to steal the limelight from fellow MIRROR member Keung To when he had a fainting spell at their recent event.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer was earlier accused by Keung To’s fans of faking his dizziness to become the focus, seeing that the event was also Keung To’s first public appearance since he took a two-month hiatus from work.

When asked about the said allegation during a promotional event recently, Anson smiled and said, “Everybody thinks too much.”

“I was dizzy that day because we had to take turns putting on make-up early in the morning. I was in a hurry and didn’t eat or drink anything. I was feeling guilty, so I tried not to make people unhappy,” he said.

Anson also stated that Keung To understood the situation and didn’t at all think he was stealing the spotlight.

“He greeted me and expressed his concern over me. In fact, all the members were concerned. They immediately asked after my health via text messages,” he added.

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Anson says all MIRROR members expressed concern for him

(Photo Source: MIRROR IG, Anson Lo IG, Keung To IG)