After spending so long in her hometown in Malaysia, Angie Cheong admitted that she is now feeling hesitant to return to Hong Kong.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who spoke to the media at the premiere of the new local movie, “Rajah” in Kuala Lumpur, stated that she was truly happy to be able to come back to Malaysia and spend time with her family.

“I am actually very reluctant [to go back to Hong Kong]. This time it’s very different from the worry I felt when I came back a few years ago prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. This time was very relaxing and I really rested,” she said.

7cn angiecheongreluctant01
Angie attended the premiere of ‘Rajah’

Angie also stated that she hopes to return more frequently in the future, and that she could stay half a year in Hong Kong and another half of the year in Malaysia.

“I hope I can shoot advertisements here in Malaysia. Remember to find me. Don’t worry about the price. It is negotiable!” she said, light-heartedly.

When asked if she sees herself working with Josie Ho in the future, the latter who also stars in the aforementioned movie, she responded, “It’s up to fate. If it’s meant to be, there will be a chance to cooperate.”

7cn angiecheongreluctant02
Angie with Josie Ho at the premiere of ‘Rajah’

(Photo Source: Angie Cheong FB)