Malaysian actress Angelica Lee recently expressed elation over finally releasing her own music through the song, “Little Yellow Flower”.

On 2 March, the actress shared the good news with her fans on Instagram, saying that she has always loved singing and had wanted to get back to it, and that after much anticipation, she is happy to finally present the new song to everybody.

The song, which is the theme song to her charity foundation of the same name, also has Angelica working with her good friend Sara Yu.

She expressed, “My friendship and warm love for Sara Yu for many years is presented in the chorus of “Little Yellow Flower”. I hope that through this song, I can give more and more children and even every adult inner child strength… This is a song full of love. I hope that we will all be like little yellow flowers, no matter how many winds and rains we have experienced, we will still bravely shine our own light.”

Even the promotional image of the song exude childlike charm, with Angelica and Sara using photos of them as children as the cover.

In another post, Angelica stated that she hopes to bring more music work in the future to share with all her fans.

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The cover has Angelica Lee and Sara Yu’s photos as children
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The actress cherishes her work with Little Yellow Flower Foundation

(Photo Source: Little Yellow Flower Foundation IG, SinJe Lee IG)