Alex Fong recently admitted that he feels so much better now that his relationship with Maple Yip is out in the open.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who recently confirmed that he is dating the same woman featured in the Netflix documentary, “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, stated that both he and Maple are happy that the news is out now. Maple has alleged that she had been sexually abused and victimised by the Korean cult, Jesus Morning Star (JMS).

“I watched her interview in the documentary, and I knew I was going to be meeting the media… I met up with her [after the confirmation], and I could feel that our relationship was further strengthened,” he said.

Alex also stated that Maple had seen the said interview, but that he told her not to read the comments.

“The comments will always be uncomfortable. We can’t get upset if we don’t read it,” he added.

When asked if he would accept any offer from companies wanting him and Maple to appear together, Alex said that he wouldn’t expect such a thing.

As for Maple’s case against Jesus Morning Star and cult leader Jeong Myeong-Seok that was featured in the documentary, Alex said that she will go to court in South Korea soon, and that he hopes to accompany her. gif maker
Maple is featured in the Netflix documentary about cult leader Jeong Myeong-Seok

(Photo Source: Alex Fong IG, Envoy Web)