Yu Zheng recently announced that the queen that is Wu Jinyan is set to make her comeback with a new project.

On 10 February, the producer, who helped made Wu a household name through “Story of Yanxi Palace”, shared several photos of the actress in a fantasy style look, complete in white dress and robe, and shared that he felt he was to blame for the actress’ bottleneck career.

“I have a habit, once an artiste becomes popular, I will quickly pull myself away and focus on newcomers instead. (This poor shortcoming has been corrected from 2021). After the problem came out, what to do became the top priority. There are still many scripts that have been written, but almost none of them are suitable for breakthroughs. Most of the producers of the dramas we want to promote are brainwashed by inherent thinking, thinking that she is only suitable for a certain role. I felt that this is an unprecedented crisis,” he said.

Wu Jinyan
Producer Yu Zheng posted several photos of Wu Jinyan on his socmed

Yu said that after discussing with Wu, they have decided that the actress should try several other things first, from doing variety shows to learning different types of acting, while he himself stopped for a year and learned a lot. However, he admitted that he was pressured by constant speculations by fans and the media about Wu’s career.

“In life, one should never be afraid to start all over again. I have done it countless times. Please look forward to the return of our king, let you see a different Yu Zheng and a different Wu Jinyan. To every artist, as long as you are here, I will be here… Life is growing, and we will never give up,” he added.

Although Wu has starred in various dramas since the 2018 series, it is noted that not one of them did as well as the period drama.

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Wu plays Wei Yingluo in ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’

(Photo Source: Yu Zheng Weibo, HK01)