Yu Zheng recently dismissed the notion that he insulted actor Zhang Yishan, after previously denying casting the actor in his new project.

As reported on NetEase, recently, netizens broke the news that Yu Zheng is set to begin his new project, which will reunite him with his “Story of Yanxi Palace” star Wu Jinyan.

This was previously confirmed by Yu himself, who posted a long message on social media about working with the actress again.

However, some netizens then speculated that the project will also have Zhang Yishan playing the male lead, to which Yu quickly denied, saying, “Nonsense. I want to use a handsome guy.”

Unhappy with the way he responded to the rumour, a netizen took to the comments to ask Yu why he insulted Zhang that way.

To that, he responded, “I wasn’t insulting Zhang Yishan. I like his performance quite a bit. What I’m talking about is my aesthetic, which is personal. You can think he’s handsome, and I have no right to deny it. Just like you can’t stick your oar in [with my opinion]!”

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The producer recently announced that he will be collaborating with Wu Jinyan again

(Photo Source: Wu Jinyan Weibo, Zhang Yishan Fanpage IG)