Yoo Ah-In’s camp has recently confirmed rumours that the actor is being investigated by the police.

Earlier, it was reported that the “Hellbound” star was suspected of misuse of the narcotic drug propofol, and that he has been banned from leaving the country while investigation is in process.

Sources also stated that Yoo has been asked to submit his DNA to be evaluated.

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The actor cannot leave South Korea for the time being

Following the rumours, Yoo’s international agency UAA released a statement that read, “Yoo Ah-In was recently investigated by the police regarding propofol. We are actively cooperating with all investigations related to this, and we will actively explain the problematic part.”

It is noted that propofol is highly regulated in South Korea and is only permitted to be used in surgical procedures.

Celebrities who were found guilty of misuse of propofol in the past include singers Ga-In and Wheesung.

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Ga-In was previously fined for misuse of propofol

(Photo Source: Yoo Ah-In IG, Ga-In IG)