Wu Jing doesn’t really care with his new moniker – the 30 billion yuan man.

As reported on Sohu, the actor, who made it to the top spot in a recent highest-grossing actor list for his many box office movies, was recently asked about the list during an appearance at a promotional event of his new movie, “The Wandering Earth 2”.

The actor responded, “Any movie is created by the workers in front of and behind the scenes. It is not fair to all the staff and partners behind it [to say it’s my success alone].”

Wu stated that such a list is nothing but a gimmick, and that people should just laugh it off and forget about the RMB 30 billion part.

“At the same time, this should inspire us to not focus on how high the box office is, but what your achievements are,” he added.

In a list that was released by Maoyan, the actor was revealed to have a cumulative box office number of RMB 29.6 billion, with his movies like “Wolf Warrior 2” and “The Wandering Earth” all having made billions of yuan at the box office.

Among his other hit movies include “The Battle at Lake Changjin (RMB 5.77 billion) and “The Sacrifice” (RMB 1.12 billion).

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The sequel has already made USD 384.2 million at the box office

(Photo Source: Xinhua)