If there is one Aaron Kwok movie that Tony Leung Chiu Wai would like to star in, it would be his 2006 film and Golden Horse Awards’ Best Picture winner, “After This Our Exile”.

In an interview with HK01, the actor, who sat down alongside his “Where the Wind Blows” co-star, picked the said Patrick Tam movie when asked for a film of Aaron’s that he would re-enact if given the chance.

Asked why he chose that particular movie, which stars Aaron as a father who turns his son into a thief, Tony said that he thinks it is a good movie.

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Tony Leung loves Aaron’s ‘After This Our Exile’

“Aaron did a good job but I often wondered how it would be if I do the movie. Besides, I have already reached the age where I should be playing a father,” he said with a laugh.

As for Aaron, the actor said that Tony has a lot of movies that he loves, including “The Grandmaster” and “2046”.

However, if he was to choose one, he would pick “Infernal Affairs”.

“I’ve watched it many many times. It is an unforgettable performance,” he added.

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The two stars work together in ‘Where the Wind Blows’

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, UDN, China Press)