Did you know that Stephen Chow and Tony Leung actually have made a short film together?

Tony shared this long-kept secret in his recent Douyin video, saying that he and Stephen, who have been best friends since before their showbiz days, have actually made a short film together in the past.

“The short film was directed by Stephen Chow. He plays the good guy and I play the villain. I am the character who was beaten to death by him,” he said with a smile.

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The two have been best friends since high school

Tony stated that he actually asked Stephen about the whereabouts of the said film, but was told by Stephen that he didn’t know, which made him suspect that the comedy auteur still has it.

The “Shang-Chi” star admitted in past interviews that the two have known each other since they were teenagers, and that it was Stephen who would talk non-stop about acting to him.

The actor also revealed that it was Stephen who dragged him to apply to TVB training class, which enabled him to become the actor that he is now.

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Tony believes that Stephen Chow still has that short film they did together

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG, Tony Leung IG, HK01)