Frant Gwo recently revealed that he has plans for movie number three when it comes to his hit Lunar New Year entry, “The Wandering Earth”, though it will not be anytime soon.

The filmmaker, who attended a press conference for “The Wandering Earth 2” recently, stated that he needs four years between each movie to enable him to come out with a good film.

“I will need six months after the release to do a large-scale research, and also review the weaknesses of the previous film,” he said.

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Frant (right) alongside stars Wu Jing and Andy Lau

At the same time, the film producer revealed that the movie will soon be released in Russia and Africa, and that they are currently preparing for related matters.

“The Wandering Earth 2”, a sequel to the 2019 movie based on the short story by Liu Cixin, made USD 501.9 million at the box office. The first film, on the other hand, amassed USD 700 million when it was released.

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(Photo Source: SINA)