Good news, Vietnamese aspiring actors everywhere: Stephen Chow is looking for you.

Local director Le Binh Giang shared recently that he has been tasked to recruit local talents by the comedy auteur, who is looking for actors for an upcoming project.

“Stephen Chow will develop his own platform on Web3 and produce feature films, television and short films,” he said.

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Stephen previously announced his Web3 project on Instagram

Giang revealed that candidates are required to make videos that could show their performance skills like singing, dancing, or even martial arts. Those who are interested need to post their videos on Instagram with the hashtag #createwithStephen.

However, the “Kumanthong” director stated that they do not encourage candidates to reenact scenes from Stephen’s movies.

“In the short term, I would support him to select suitable faces,” he added, though made no mention as to what project it would be.

It was back in October that the “Kung Fu Hustle” director and star came to Ho Chi Minh to meet with several filmmakers including Le.

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Please do not reenact scenes from his movies, says the filmmaker

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG, Stephen Chow Fanpage IG)