Despite being one of the most beautiful Taiwanese actresses around, Shu Qi recently stated that she does not consider beauty as a weapon for her in the business.

The actress, who sat down with ELLE recently, shared that it is more important to be oneself than to adhere to the standard of beauty.

“There are many people in the world who are prettier than you, who know how to take care of themselves, and are more disciplined than you. I can just come out and be myself. I don’t really mind other people’s comments every time I make an appearance, how to say, they don’t exist in the world,” she said.

Shu Qi added that she cares more about what people think about her performances than how she looks.

However, at the same time, the actress admitted that she never lets herself gain more than 5kg in weight despite her love of food.

In the same interview, Shu spoke about her allergy problem and how it would cause her skin problems and other symptoms, prompting her to reduce her work in recent years.

“I can digest the physical pain, but the swollen face and flare ups caused by these allergies would affect my performances in front of the camera, which is not in line with the role itself. It made me angry with myself,” she said.

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Shu Qi is happily married to Stephen Fung

(Photo Source: Shu Qi IG)