Sammi Cheng recently stated that she has no qualms with Jacqueline Wong’s decision to make her showbiz comeback, nearly four years since the previous scandal.

The Cantopop star, who was asked about Jacqueline’s upcoming single, “Crown Me” which she released on Valentine’s Day, confessed to have no knowledge about the comeback, but stressed that everybody should have the right to have a new start.

“No matter what they experienced, everybody should be given the opportunity for a fresh beginning,” she said.

It was back in 2019 that the former TVB actress was caught acting chummy in a taxi with Sammi’s husband Andy Hui. Both parties apologised soon after and decided to take a long hiatus from work, with Sammi deciding to give her husband a chance.

On the other hand, other celebrities also expressed support for Jacqueline’s comeback, including Lai Lok Yi and Wingto Lam, the former who said, “She has settled down for a while now, and I believe she has made this decision to come back after much deliberation. I think people should give her a chance.”

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Jacqueline to make a comeback as a singer

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