Marina Kobayashi recently announced that she is now married to footballer Ryo Niizato.

The former AKB48 member shared the good news on Instagram on 13 February, revealing that she and the Mito Hollyhock player have tied the knot after dating for so long.

“I want to continue this journey with him who makes me feel positive all the time. The two of us are still inexperienced, but I hope you can keep a warm watch over us. Thank you for your continued support,” she added.

Meanwhile, Ryo posted, “Although this is personal, this time I would like to announce that I got married to FBS announcer Marina Kobayashi. I have nothing but gratitude for her continuous support. While we are still immature, from now on, we are going to build a forever home with bright smiles.”

Marina was part of AKB48 in 2010, and went on to perform with the group until 2015. She began her career as an announcer in 2018.

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Marina is now an announcer with FBS
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Husband Ryo is a J2 League midfielder

(Photo Source: Marina Kobayashi IG, Ryo Niizato IG)