Katy Kung recently admitted that she suffered a minor injury to her nose while filming her new TVB series, “Treasure of Destiny”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who attended the promotional event of the series recently, shared that the accident occurred when she was filming a fight scene.

“I heard two cracks and blood was coming out of my nose. I was so surprised when I looked into the mirror. But I was more worried about affecting the shooting progress, so I went to the hospital to get treatment after work,” she said.

Fortunately, said Katy, there was nothing serious.

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Katy stars in ‘Treasure of Destiny’

Asked if her boyfriend was worried about her, the actress, who was romantically linked to Japanese chef Tetsuya Matsuoka, responded, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

She then went on and changed the subject, saying that she learned to roast coffee beans from co-star Moses Chan.

“I would like to open a coffee shop one day, so I bothered Moses all the time since he is very successful in that business,” she added.

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Katy denies that she is dating chef Tetsuya Matsuoka

(Photo Source: Katy Kung IGTetsuya Matsuoka IG)