Judy Ann Santos is set to make her horror comeback with the new movie, “The Diary of Mrs. Winters”.

The actress, who will be reuniting with Sam Milby in the new movie, has not been in a horror movie since “T’yanak” in 2014, and said that making a comeback to the genre is a gift to herself as she turns 45 this year.

“More than anything I’ve prayed for a project that would help me face my fears. I will be turning 45 this year and I think it’s the perfect time for me to face my fear of heavy snow. I have severe trauma from snow,” she said.

Judy revealed that she was traumatised by snow after experiencing it while in Toronto with her mother when she was 14.

“I want to overcome that fear so that we can enjoy it as a family when we get a chance to snow with them, we can both enjoy it,” Judy said. “These people will help me conquer my fear and at the same time make me do my work as an actress that is sufficient and correct. For me that’s more than enough reason to enjoy this film even if I’m very scared.”

To be directed by Rahyan Carlos, the new movie will revolve around Judy’s character Charity, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in Canada who is haunted by a series of unfortunate events after finding the diary of a Mrs Winters who died by suicide.

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“The Diary of Mrs. Winters” will be Sam Milby’s first horror film