Jerry Yan recently apologised for surprising and confusing fans with his Weibo post.

On 8 February, the Taiwanese actor suddenly posted the words “My baby is here”, followed by a heart emoji on his Weibo account, sparking questions from both the media and fans.

Many thought that Jerry was confessing to the world that he has secretly married someone and is welcoming a baby, similar to Korean star Song Joong-Ki and Chinese heartthrob Hu Ge, who both admitted to have tied the knot in secret.

However, he later shared another post to clarify the situation, saying that he was actually announcing his new web drama, “Summer Flower”, which has been two years in the making.

Attaching the music video for the series, Jerry wrote, “The staff said it is not suitable to post like this, so let me attach the MV link. Sorry.”

The upcoming drama co-stars actress Xu Ruohan. The synopsis read, “At the last stage of her life, an eighteen-year-old girl, He Ran, meets Xiao Han, an outstanding horticulturist who has difficulty letting go of the past and almost loses confidence in future life. After a series of unexpected, warm and romantic encounters, the two find the most important but missing parts of their lives from each other, regain confidence and hope in life, and gain unforgettable love.”

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Hu Ge previously revealed that he is married and has become a father
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Song Joong-Ki shared that he married Katy Louise Saunders, who is now pregnant with their first baby

(Photo Source: Jerry Yan Fanpage IGSong Joong-Ki IG,  Hu Ge IG)