Jacqueline Wong has dismissed the notion that she intentionally announced the release of her song on the same day as ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma’s birthday.

The actress, who shared the news of her Valentine’s Day release on 13 February, stated that there is no special reason as to why she announced the single on that particular day nor did she meant for it to be a Valentine’s Day release.

“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. There is no special reason for it,” she added.

Jacqueline also stated that she is not worried whether the song’s release will make her a hot topic again, given that she went on hiatus following her scandal with married singer Andy Hui.

“I will face it with a calm heart,” she added.

For now, the teaser for the new song, “Crown Me” has already received more than 65,000 views, which Jacqueline said made her very happy.

It is noted that Jacqueline has always wanted to be a singer, and even performed several songs for TVB dramas, including “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”.

The actress was set to have a great future with TVB back in 2019, what with her dramas doing well and her relationship with Kenneth Ma going strong. However, it all changed when a viral video taken inside a taxi showed the actress canoodling singer Andy Hui, who is married to Cantopop star Sammi Cheng.

Both Jacqueline and Andy had gone into hiatus since then, with the actress ending her contract with TVB in 2021 and finding new romance with RubberBand drummer, Lai Man Wang.

(Photo Source: Jacqueline Wong IG)