Hiroko Shimabukuro recently announced that she and actor Yuki Saotome have called it quits on their marriage.

The Japanese singer and member of SPEED shared the news on social media, writing, “The two of us had a deep discussion and that is the conclusion we came to make. I am grateful to have been his partner.”

“From now on, it’s just going to be me. I’ll do my best. Thank you very much,” she added.

Meanwhile, Yuki posted, “Spending time with Hiroko taught me a lot. My heart is full of gratitude.”

Hiroko and Yuki announced their engagement back in 2016 and tied the knot a year after. She was 32 when the two got married, while Yuki was only 20.

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The two have been together for five years

(Photo Source: Yuki Saotome IG)