Hana Kuk recently assured that she is doing well, following news that she was taken to a hospital following her recent performance in Macau.

On 22 February, the singer posted a message on IG Story, saying that she was told by the doctor that she can return to work after she takes a short break and let her ears rest.

“The performing arts industry has been suspended for three years due to the pandemic, and it has just recovered, so the people working in the industry are also picking up the rhythm… I hope that the industry will continue to flourish and everybody will look forward to my next concert and work,” she expressed.

Hana got fans worried earlier when she posted a photo from a hospital, and wrote the word “pain”.

It was later reported that the audio equipment malfunctioned while she was performing, causing her earpiece to make a super high-decibel sound and causing pain to her eardrum.

Despite the situation, Hana went on to complete her performance before leaving for hospital.

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The singer was performing in Macau when the accident occurred

(Photo Source: Hana Kuk IG)