Social media influencer Du Meizhu was recently blasted for reportedly making her acting debut after sending Kris Wu to prison.

As reported on China Times, it was rumoured that the internet celebrity will be playing the lead in a new online drama, “Girl Detective”. A character poster was also released online, showing Du in a school uniform.

But what attracted netizens’ attention as well was her leading man, new actor Li Yichen, who looks eerily like Kris Wu.

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Her co-star in the series seems to resemble Kris Wu

As soon as the character posters came out, it set off heated discussions among netizens. One expressed, “Is it good to rely on the victim persona to create hype? I remember she said that she wanted to be an ordinary person and didn’t want to be in showbiz.”

Another expressed, “The threshold for being an actor is truly low.”

Du was the whistleblower in Kris Wu’s rape case, after she accused the singer of raping her and more than 30 other young women including two minors. The number of victims were later changed to 24 and finalised to eight in her subsequent posts.

Kris was later found guilty and subsequently sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.

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Kris Wu is currently serving his prison sentence in China

(Photo Source: Bastille Post, Kris Wu IG)