Both Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang’s camps have blasted latest rumours which are saying that the actress is pregnant with Johnny’s baby.

On 9 February, a gossip blogger took to Weibo and posted a picture of Dilraba at the airport and stated that the actress could be giving birth sometime in October. He then reposted Johnny’s earlier birthday post on Weibo, and wrote, “Congratulations for the successful upgrade.”

It is noted that the photo of Dilraba was taken from the back.

Though the two have never confirmed dating rumours, they have been romantically linked to one another since starring in the 2020 series, “Love Designer”.

In a statement released on social media, Johnny’s agency said that they have handed the matter to their lawyers to collect evidence and prepare their lawsuits, adding that they will not tolerate defamation and slander.

Dilraba’s rep also echoed similar words, warning those who spread false rumours against the actress as well as the dissemination of her photos on social media.

Rumours of Dilraba’s pregnancy have been going around for months now, ever since she took a break from her acting work last year. Despite the actress already denying it and holding a livestream to prove that she is not pregnant, many still believe that she is indeed with a child.

Dilraba 1
Dilraba previously hosted a livestream event to prove that she is not pregnant

(Photo Source: Dilraba Dilmurat Weibo, UDN)