After promising to take off his pants if his movie breaks HKD 30 million, actor Dee Ho found himself having to do just that during a recent audience appreciation event.

The actor, whose new movie, “A Guilty Conscience” surpassed his expectation with HKD 80 million at the box office, couldn’t help but laugh when the fans shouted “Pants off!” as soon as they saw him at the event, prompting him to perform a popping dance on stage.

He then turned around and immediately took off his pants and wore it back, though luckily his coat was able to hide the rest of him.

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Dee co-stars in ‘A Guilty Conscience’ alongside Dayo Wong

Co-star Dayo Wong then took a step forward and told him jokingly that that would be enough.

Following his performance, Dee stated with a smile that if the box office exceeds HKD 100 million, he would remove other people’s pants, though added quickly that he wouldn’t dare do that to Dayo.

(Photo Source: Dee Ho IG, ST Headline)