Director Cheng Er was so impressed by Wang Yibo’s performance in his latest movie that he wants the actor in his new project as well.

The filmmaker shared as much recently in a long post on Weibo, where he mentioned that Wang visited him at home to deliver some snacks and had a chat.

After much thoughtful words about truth and goodwill, Cheng shared, “So we will continue. After the summer, we will continue, we will shoot an art film called Mermaid, we will shoot in various places in Asia.”

He added that Polybona Films, which produced “Hidden Blade”, will also continue to invest in the project, saying, “Mr. Yu Dong will continue to assist us in completing the project.”

In “Hidden Blade”, Wang plays the lead alongside Tony Leung Chiu Wai. The movie revolves around a group of courageous citizens who developed a top-secret underground espionage network right under the noses of the newly established puppet regime during World War II.

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Cheng Er wants to work with Wang Yibo again

(Photo Source: Wang Yibo Fanpage IG, SINA)