Charmaine Sheh recently revealed that there is a reason why she had not played a villainous role for a long time following her stint as an antagonist in TVB’s “War and Beauty”.

The actress, who appeared on the show, “Memories Beyond Horizon” dressed as her character Chow Chi Yeuk from TVB’s 2000 series, “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”, shared that she actually lost an endorsement deal because of her performance in the aforementioned drama, in which she played royal concubine Lady Shun.

“There was a scene in the drama where my character tried to kill Gigi Lai’s character. She grabbed her hair and pushed her down the stairs,” she said.

Charmaine’s performance was so effective and real that she said that a mooncake brand that wanted to hire her as a spokesperson (by dressing up as Moon Goddess Chang’e) decided against it.

“That is why I didn’t take any villain role again for 15 years,” she said.

The actress only made her return to villainy when she starred as the Step Empress Hoifa-Nara Shushen in the mainland period drama, “Story of Yanxi Palace” in 2018.

However, this time around, she was able to get various endorsement jobs due to the popularity of the character.

Charmaine found success as a villainess again through ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’

(Photo Source: Charmaine Sheh IG, HK01)