Canadian star Avril Lavigne recently dismissed rumours that she will be appearing in an upcoming Chinese reality TV show.

As reported on Sohu, the singer recently address rumours of her joining the upcoming season of Mango TV’s “Sisters Who Make Waves” with Pop Crush, saying that there is no truth to the rumour at all.

“Yeah, I haven’t heard any of that, not true… That’s funny,” she said.

It is noted that rumours of Avril Lavigne joining the reality show has been spreading on social media since early this month. However, hers is not the only absurd name that was speculated to join.

According to a list that had been circulating the media, among other stars who were named include table tennis player Ai Fukuhara and actress Qi Wei, the latter who is still sought after by drama productions and would not possibly be available for such a show.

First premiered in 2020, “Sisters Who Make Waves” pits veteran celebrities ages 30 and above against each other in order to form a “girl group”.

Qi Wei 1
Qi Wei is still too popular to be joining the said programme

(Photo Source: Stephy Qi Wei Weibo, Avril Lavigne IG)