Arthur Chen Feiyu’s camp has recently slammed those responsible for spreading personal photos of the actor on social media.

The actor’s rep released such statement following the controversy surrounding photos of Arthur in bed with a woman that had since been identified as internet celebrity Yilin.

Stressing that both Arthur and Yilin, the latter who is now married, were both single at the time the photos were taken, the statement stressed that the photos have violated their privacy and that legal action could be taken.

“I implore netizens to stop disseminating relevant information immediately, and the relevant subjects immediately delete defamatory speech against Chen Feiyu.”

It was back on 13 February that tabloids released the photos of Arthur being fast asleep next to a mystery woman. The woman was later revealed to be Yilin, of whom sources said had been a big fan of the actor since he was a teenager.

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Internet celebrity Yilin is now married

(Photo Source: Arthur Chen Weibo, SINA)