Anson Lo recently assured that he is fine now, after it was revealed that he was feeling faint while attending an event with members of MIRROR earlier.

The singer, who was escorted out by his manager from an event on 25 February and was sent to the hospital after experiencing dizziness, shared an update a day later regarding his health situation.

He posted, “The doctor said that I was seriously dehydrated. Plus, I had a cold last night, so the body couldn’t stand it.”

Anson said he tried his best to speak to the media at the event despite his condition, but was unable to hold on during the last interview. He also apologised for the situation.

“I am much better at this moment. Don’t worry too much. I will rest again tonight. I know now that health is very important,” he added.

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Anson needs his rest to get back to normal

(Photo Source: Anson Lo IG)