Anson Lo has recently dismissed allegations that he plagiarised the logo of a Korean brand for his clothing brand, ALLOVER.

As reported on Mingpao, the MIRROR member, who launched his own brand recently, was accused of copying the brand SATUR, after fans saw the similarities in the design of the four “a” in his ALLOVER shirt to SATUR’s “S”, in which the same four letters are arranged to create an interesting pattern.

When asked about it, Anson stated that he does not agree at all with the claim, saying, “The alphabet ‘a’ of the logo is open to all sides, implying that love will spread all over the world. There is a hole in the upper right corner of the ‘a’, which represents infinite possibilities.”

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The patterns on ALLOVER and SATUR are accused of having a similarity

In the same interview, Anson said that he has always loved fashion and doesn’t care if he makes a lot of money or not as long as he produces the kind of clothes that he likes.

“The goal is to establish a successful brand, that even people who don’t know me would wear them,” he added.

On the other hand, the singer said that he was happy to hear that dancer Mo, who was severely injured in the LED accident that occurred at MIRROR’s July 2022 concert, is now slowly learning to walk with the help of an exoskeleton.

“It’s a miracle to hear that he has made a great progress. Everybody’s prayers have really helped,” he added.

(Photo Source: SATUR, Tatler Asia, ST Headline)