Zheng Shuang’s camp has recently dismissed allegations of child abuse made by the actress’ former boyfriend Zhang Heng against her.

Zhang Heng recently went on an interview with Colorado’s media, repeating the same story that he shared last year and stating that their two children were abused by the actress, who shares custody with him.

“The past six months both of my children got injured really bad when they stayed with my ex-girlfriend,” he said, showing photos of stitches on his daughter’s finger and a wound under his son’s nose.

“My son was so struggling ‘No, don’t go dad. Let’s go home. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of mom’ and crying. That is why I called child protective services because he told me mama did it,” Zhang Heng said.

Zheng Shuang denies abusing her two children, celeb asia, zheng shuang, theHive.Asia
Zhang Heng went to the media to accuse Zheng Shuang of abuse

Zhang Heng stated that he decided to go to the media and let the people in Colorado know about it because child protective services let him down.

Following the interview, Zheng Shuang’s lawyer released a statement which read, “Shuang Zheng unequivocally denies she has ever abused or neglected her children. At this time, there are no criminal, dependency and neglect, or Child Protective Services cases that have been filed.”

“The only “investigation” of which we are aware is a residential visit our client received on Jan. 4, 2023 that lasted approximately five minutes. During that visit, police found the children to be happy and healthy and when asked if further investigation was necessary, the police declined.”

They stated that the court ordered in March 2022 for an increase of parenting time for Zheng Shuang, including awarding her overnight parenting time every week.

“In June 2022, the Court ordered that the father may not relocate to China with the children. Father’s false allegations of abuse began following his Court losses. When his case became unsuccessful in Court, the father apparently turned to trying his case in the Court of public opinion,” the statement added.

Zhang Heng previously broke the story that the two had two children, Lucas and Luna, via surrogacy in the US prior to their breakup in 2019, and that the actress abandoned them following the end of their relationship. Following the expose, Zheng Shuang immediately lost all filming works and sponsorships.

Her camp also clarified that she was working on getting custody before Zhang decided to turn to the media.

Zheng Shuang denies abusing her two children, celeb asia, zheng shuang, theHive.Asia
The couple dated in the past

(Photo Source: CBS, Oriental Daily, Zheng Shuang Instagram)