Zhang Yingying has got people confused as to whether she is still with mainland businessman and Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband Wang Xiaofei or not.

As reported on Sohu, the actress recently took to social media, seemingly frustrated with the state of her relationship with Wang and Wang’s mother Zhang Lan’s continuous effort to end it, even to the extent of calling her a “scheming girl”.

On 16 January, Yingying wrote, “I respect you as an elder, and I have always told Xiao Fei that filial piety is the first thing to do. From the beginning to the end, I never said a word about you. It is not easy to understand you. But you seem to be forcing me to stand up?”

“I really don’t know if you really love your son or scold him every day for the sake of online traffic. Who hasn’t been scolded by you in the past? You forgot about the voice message you sent me calling me baby, let me care more about Xiaofei and take care of him more? Everything is recorded, don’t force me anymore.”

Yingying then posted several messages to show that she had tried to break up with Wang several times but that the businessman refused to do so, before seemingly announcing their breakup with a post that read, “Thank you for your cowardly love. I cannot bear such a heavy burden. Listen to your mum’s words well.”

However, she later deleted the post, sparking speculations that she is not actually ready to let the relationship go.

On the other hand, sources claimed that Yingying’s anger was stemmed from the fact that Zhang Lan recently hired a new assistant who resembles Wang’s previous girlfriends and also wife Barbie Hsu. The hiring sparked speculations that Zhang was trying to break the relationship between Wang and Yingying.

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Wang’s mother Zhang Lan calls Yingying a ‘scheming girl’

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, China Press)