With the recent success of Frant Gwo’s “The Wandering Earth 2” at the box office, Wu Jing is now named the highest grossing actor in China.

In a list that was released by Maoyan, the actor was revealed to have a cumulative box office number of RMB 29.6 billion, with his movies like “Wolf Warrior 2” and “The Wandering Earth” all having made billions of yuan at the box office.

Among his other hit movies include “The Battle at Lake Changjin (RMB 5.77 billion) and “The Sacrifice” (RMB 1.12 billion).

In second place is Wu’s “My Country, My Parents” co-star Shen Teng with RMB 262 billion. Among Shen Teng’s hit movies include “Hi, Mom” and “Goodbye Mr. Loser”.

At third place is Huang Bo (RMB 182.7 billion), while Liu Haoran and Li Chen are at fourth and fifth with RMB 179.35 billion and RMB178.11 billion respectively.

The sequel to “The Wandering Earth”, which was released on Lunar New Year, has already broke RMB 1 billion at the box office since its release.

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‘The Wandering Earth 2’ makes a huge splash at the box office
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Liu Haoran also made it to the top five of biggest box office maker

(Photo Source: Liu Haoran IG, CNA)