A year after his marriage turmoil, Wang Leehom recently returned to the stage through his US concert “One”.

The singer-songwriter, who had been on hiatus since his divorce announcement went sideways with wife Lee Jinglei spilling all the beans about his alleged misbehaviours, told fans at the concert that he was worried that nobody would come to his show.

He said that there will always be a time in one’s life that one falls, and that he accepts both his lucks and misfortunes with an open mind.

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He is back!

Kicking off the concert with his hit song, “Ni Bu Zai”, he expressed, “Are you there? I have thought about it, if I stand on this stage again, will we meet again? Because in life, there are always times when you fall, sometimes lightly and sometimes hard. In the past year, it must have been difficult for many people, right? It wasn’t easy for me last year.”

“Sometimes, every road we face may be wrong, but we work hard to make it right and restart with the first step. Thank you for being here,” he added.

He also performed a new song, “Xiǎng Jian Jiu Neng Xiang Jian”, which seemed to be written for his children, as the song is about a father telling his kid how much he misses him. The singer also choked up several times while performing the song.

However, while fans were elated for Leehom’s comeback, it has also spared heated discussions among netizens, with many questioning whether an artiste with a bad image should be given a second chance.

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The singer shares a new song that seems to be about his children

(Photo Source: Kwan’s International IG)