South Korean actor Na Chul has recently passed away.

The actor, most known to global fans through the hit series “Vincenzo”, reportedly died after his health suddenly deteriorated, though no cause of death has been confirmed.

Na Chul made his debut in 2010 via the stage play, “Anne’s Diary” before he went on to play various supporting roles in Korean movies and dramas.

However, he became well-known internationally after playing the role of Na Deok-Jin in the mafia series, “Vincenzo”, and later as Oh In-Ju’s lawyer in “Little Women”.

His new project, “Concrete Utopia”, will be released posthumously later this year, and is based on the second part of webtoon “Pleasant Bullying” by Kim Sung-Nik about an earthquake’s destruction and its aftermath.

He was 36.

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Na Chul’s death shocked the Korean entertainment industry  

(Photo Source: Kim Go-Eun IG)