Sun Li is full of praises for husband Deng Chao, whose new movie, “Ping Pong: The Triumph” is releasing this coming Lunar New Year.

The actress, who appeared at the premiere of the movie on 18 January in Beijing, stated that she is proud of the actor’s work in the movie, and believes that he has improved himself as an artiste.

“I often told Deng Chao that whenever I watch his movies, I felt like I only saw him the actor instead of the character. Sometimes I am more critical of his acting than the outside world because I know him the most,” she said. “I am the closest to Deng Chao and I know him better. People see him as this fearless crazy guy, but that is just his persona. People who know him know that he is more anxious than me. He cares for people’s feelings and always looks at the bigger picture,” she said.

“I remember he showed me two clips from the movie for the first time, and I told him that he has changed. I can see that he has hidden himself inside and I can see the character instead. He was nervous at first, and asked if it was true. I would like to say that this movie has become my favourite.”

Sun stated that the pandemic has really made them all rethink their careers, and that Deng had spent a lot of time thinking of his ideals, what he likes and what he can do to realise them, which is how the movie came to be.

The movie, which is based on the Chinese ping pong team’s victory after losing to the Swedes in the early ’90s, is co-directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei. It co-stars Sun Li, Bai Feng, and Cai Yida among others.

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Sun Li co-stars in ‘Ping Pong: The Triumph’

(Photo Source: China Daily)