Steven Cheung’s wife Au Man Man seemed to be saying that she and the singer have called it quits on their marriage.

According to Mingpao, Man Man recently shared a photo of her with her three children on Instagram Story and wrote about making a new start, saying, “I can do more than be a mother for you. I can’t give you a whole family, but at least we tried. At least there is a memory.”

“In the future, I will work hard and take good care of you so that you will not have any regrets in your childhood,” she added.

The Boy’z member has yet to address the said rumour.

It is noted that Man Man did express her intention to divorce back in late 2021, though Steven later denied that they were going that particular route, announcing instead that they were having a third child.

However, speculations of another marital woe sparked last week when his wife again went on social media to accuse Steven of being useless and lazy.

Steven tied the knot with Man Man back in 2019, which turned out to be a huge scandal, as he was dating stage actress April Leung at the time. He was later revealed to have been dating five women at the same time, and even borrowed a huge amount of money from some of them.

Consequently, the Boy’z concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum was cancelled because of the scandal and the singer has been working various jobs to make ends meet.

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Steven announced that they were having a third child in January last year following reports of divorce

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung IG)