Although fans of the “Reply” series would love to see another instalment of the show centring on the early 2000s, director Shin Won-Ho recently admitted that working on another project of the sort would be a very challenging task.

The director, who helmed the hit 2012 show “Reply 1997” and its following series, “Reply 1994” and “Reply 1988”, recently appeared on Lee Si-Uhn’s YouTube channel to share behind the scenes stories of his series.

When the topic of “Reply 1997” was mentioned and Lee said that he would like to see “Reply 2002” being made, Shin stated that it would be tricky to work around the World Cup and its copyright issue.

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Shin Won-Ho admits challenges to filming the series based on nostalgia

“For the first episode of ‘Reply 1988’, the Seoul Olympic [scene] comes out. For this, I had to speak to the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland to get the copyright released. But it was not renewed, so, in all of the scenes where the reruns are currently broadcast, the [Olympic] scenes are blurred out,” he said.

Shin also stated that he was always stressed out over issues of modern items getting into the frame by accident.

“In the ‘Reply’ series, the air conditioner cannot be seen on screen, so I have this tendency to get flustered when I notice things from the present day on screen,” he said.

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The first series gave birth to two more shows including ‘Reply 1988’

(Photo Source: Kpopmap, Media Today, Soompi)