Shiga Lin has no plans to sing at her own wedding, which she revealed will be held sometime in April this year.

The singer, who is engaged to actor Carlos Chan, shared with the media that she can’t be singing her own songs at the wedding as she mostly has tragic love songs.

“I hope that Pakho Chau would be able to perform at the wedding instead,” she said.

7cn shigalinwontsing01
The singer will be marrying Carlos Chan in April

Speaking about the wedding, Shiga said that she and Carlos will be signing their marriage certificate in the afternoon before proceeding with their reception.

“I haven’t finalised my bridesmaids list yet, but Priscilla Wong and Yoyo Chen will definitely be among them,” she said.

On the other hand, Shiga recently released her new song, “He’s Not You”, which is about letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.

“I had similar memories and experiences. When I was recording the song, I focused on putting all my emotions into it that I even deliberately ignored Carlos’ calls,” she said.

7cn shigalinwontsing02
Priscilla Wong and Yoyo Chen will be part of Shiga’s bridesmaids’ entourage

(Photo Source: Shiga Lin IG)