Sammi Cheng has been named Best Actress by the 29th Hong Kong Film Critics Society for her performance in “Lost Love”.

As reported on HK01, the actress, who made the movie without salary to show support for the filmmaker and the Hong Kong film industry, recently expressed her elation over the good news.

She said, “I was so moved that I was speechless for a long time. I was lost and frustrated when it comes to acting, so this award means a lot to me, and I will keep working hard in the future.”

She also thanked the team for the opportunity to work in the movie and expressed hope that everybody will continue to support Hong Kong movies.

It is noted that the last time Sammi was honoured by the Hong Kong Critics Society was back in 2001, when she played the titular role in “Wu Yen”.

Last year, the Best Actress honour was given to Cya Liu for “Limbo”.

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Sammi plays a foster mother in ‘Lost Love’

(Photo Source: Sammi Cheng IGHK01)