EXILE TRIBE’s Ryota Katayose and “Alice in Borderland” actress Tao Tsuchiya recently announced that they are getting married with a baby on its way.

The couple shared the good news on social media, with a joint statement that read, “Today, we are blessed with the first sunrise of 2023, which brings much happiness and joy to all of us. To all of you who have been supporting us, watching over us, and giving us valuable guidance with much love, I have a very special announcement…

“We, Ryota Katayose and Tao Tsuchiya are getting married. Since we first met, during all these years, we have continued to help and support each other with much respect, stimulating each other throughout various milestones as individual artists.”

The couple also stated that while they were busy preparing for their wedding, they discovered that they are also going to have a baby.

“We will continue to strive and work together with much love and devotion to nurture this miracle that has been brought to us, wishing for the dawn of a new era. We would be very grateful if you would kindly support and continue to watch over us,” the couple added.

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Tao is most known for her role in ‘Alice in Borderland’

(Photo Source: Ryota Katayose IG, Tao Tsuchiya IG)